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Ionize IRAP Checklist Builder

Published: 2017-06-26, Views 378

Since my last checklist whent live a couple years ago, I've added a few minor updates and tweaks, however it has roughly stayed the same.

Looking over my website stats, I've seen on average about 140 unique downloads a month, which is quite a lot when you think about it. Check it out:...

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ISM2016 May Release - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Published: 2016-07-30, Views 917

The shiny new 2016 ISM has been out for a couple of months now and everyone has had a good chance to work with it. I see a few people using my ISM Comparison Tool to get a bit of an idea on what's changed between versions but it only gives you half the picture....

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ISM2013 April Conversion

Published: 2016-07-06, Views 389

So after the 2016 version dropped and I updated the Checklist builder, I figured I should go back and edit my old ASD-XML document format version of the ISM, into my newer XML-Data format.

You can check it out the ISM2013-04 edition on my website; and it's even been added into the ISM Comparison Tool. So now you can even compare 2013 to 2016 for full coverage. ...

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ISM Comparison Tool - 2016 Rebuild

Published: 2016-06-24, Views 426

The 2016 edition of the ISM has been out of a solid month now and I have managed to transcribe the entire document in record time thanks to ASD releasing a PDF and an XML version of the document.

Since I published the new edition to my website over here I also needed to give the comparison tool a massive overhaul....

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ISM2016 Draft Release

Published: 2016-04-08, Views 653

Yesterday the ISM2016-Draft was released for comment by ASD via onSecure for review before the 21st of April. So over the next few days before and after the ACSC 2016 conference, I'll do my best to review mainly the ISM Controls themselves and highlight any issues I find....

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